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What Is A Mattress Warranty?

      The consumer and, most salespersons generally misunderstand warranties of mattress products. By definition a warranty is the manufacturer's statement that the product will be free from any warranted defects in materials or workmanship for the warranty period. It is placed on a product to protect the consumer from products that break down, under normal conditions, long before a reasonable use has been derived. This is different from the useful life of a product.
  Useful Life
Warranty and "useful life" of a mattress are two separate issues. These two issues are blended by the use of "prorated and non-prorated" portions of a warranty. The non-prorated portion protects the consumer from early failure of product, the pro-rated portion infers the products' remaining "useful life", under normal circumstances. It does not mean the product will give the same level of service during that time, for all products wear out and must be replaced. The useful life of most innerspring mattresses is 10 years. Warranties above 15 years, and as high as 30 years are unrealistic. There are very few mattresses that can claim a 20 year warranty and any claims of warranties above that are not only misleading, but in my opinion fraudulent.
  Salesmanship & the Warranty Game
The confusion of mattress warranties is fueled by advertising and sales people doing the selling. Industry advertising has trained the consumer to associate long warranties with better quality, and sales personal, in turn, use the warranty to close a sale with those consumers who place too much emphasis on warranty instead of other more important considerations. "THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN LONG WARRANTIES AND QUALITY" (The Vi Spring mattress, from England is sold in Scottsdale, AZ for $7,000 to $11,000 in the king size. . It is a very firm hand made bed, a little pricey to say the least, but in my opinion could be warranted for 20 years. The warranty is 5 years.
  Important Considerations
  Look at the product:
    Looking at the product means looking at the nuts and bolts. Coil count, gauge and type of spring, quilting pattern, type of ticking, foam ILD's, and box springs, are just a few things to consider when selecting an innerspring mattress set. In the case of superior products like "latex and memory foam" it is best to look at the manufacturer who makes the latex and memory foam, and supplies it to the mattress manufacturer.
  Look at the manufacturer:
    Ask who manufacturer's the mattress. It could be one of the major brands or one of over 500 independents in the United States. How long have they been in business? Do they have a good reputation with BBB. Read past customer testimonials if available.
  Look at the dealer/store:
    Ultimately this is what brings all the important considerations together. We are the manufacturer, the dealer, and the store...... and we have been here since 1974.

10 Year National Warranty & Extended Store Warranties

  Several years' back all major companies went to the 10-year maximum warranty program. The variable, within the warranty on different products, being prorated and non prorated portions. Thus, as the consumer moved up the ladder in quality and price a greater portion was non-prorated. This was done to combat the misuse of the warranty issue. Unfortunately the industry is again falling prey to inflated and unrealistic warranties.
  The uniform 10 year warranty program by the major brands is generally still in effect but it's intended purpose is being eroded. Some of the larger mattress "sleep shop" chains, (not to be confused with manufacturers), are adding their own additional 5 year warranty to the manufacturers warranty in an attempt to gain an advantage in the competitive mattress market. This sales strategy is also being mirrored by many new upstart sleep shops.
  Sleep EZ 90 Day Trial and Return Policy

We have a 90 day layer switch out policy on latex mattresses . This means you may return any one of the layers (2 if layers are split for his and her comfort) in your mattress in exchange for a layer of different firmness. We pay shipping of new layer to you, and you pay shipping back. Shipping is approximately $30 depending on location. To make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way, the process is as follows:

  1. Notify us of the desired firmness with our over the phone assistance.
  2. We ship BRAND NEW comfort layer to you.
  3. You return switch out layer to us in the same box we shipped new replacement layer.
  4. The returned replacement layer is taken out of production. All comfort layers are brand new.

Second and subsequent layer replacement would be at current price of 2.8" layer, plus shipping.

We have a 90 day full refund return policy with customer responsible for return shipping fees only.


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