3 Inch Latex

Latex Mattress Foundation

  • Choice of 8″ standard or 5.5″ low profile sizes – same price
  • Made from North West Spruce kil-dried Premium Wood
  • Luxury Organic Cover with Quilted Border
  • More Slats for Maximum Support – Latex & Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Natural Air Flow with 15 Slats, all less than 3″ apart
  • Easy Assembly in 20 minutes
  • No Tools Required
  • Supports up to 1500 lbs
  • Shipped UPS
  • Slats run side to side for extra support
  • Fits on standard sized bed frames

$ 190.00


Our foundations are heavy duty wood, ready to assemble by one person in approximately 15 min. These mattress foundations are made to accomodate all types of mattresses, but are especially made to accomodate latex and memory foam mattresses with its slatted design. Slats are spaced 2.75" apart, providing maximum support over the greatest area of your new latex mattress, while allowing for healthy air flow. Foundation is topped off with a luxury matching cover.


8inch standard height
5inch standard height
uncovered wood foundation

Foundation Tips:
If you have purchased a mattress in the last 6 years your existing foundation will probably be one that is more rigid the older traditional mattress foundations. Push down on the edge and center of foundation with your hand, if it has very little give then it should support your new mattress very well.

One foundation that you should never put under a layered adjustable mattress is the wire stand alone foundation. They are great for Innerspring mattresses and Memory foam mattress that have a very firm base layer of foam, but the wires running throughout the top of the foundation will eventually cut into the mattress. We have used them, but only with innerspring mattresses.