Packing a Latex Layer into Sleep EZ Boxes


Step 1
Create a plastic pallet on the floor as shown.
Step 2
Lay the layer of latex on the plastic, fold the layer in half vertically; or if two split layers stack one ontop of the other.

The Process

Step 1
Start to roll the plastic and layer together. This may take 2 people.
Step 2
Use your body weight to keep pressure on the layer while rolling the latex.
Step 3
Finish rolling the layer.
Step 4
Once the mattress is tightly rolled, tape the plastic as shown.
Step 5
Make sure to use your body weight while taping plastic to compress the air out of the layer as much as possible.
Step 6
Stand the rolled up latex on one end, then roll the excess plastic up as shown.
Step 7
Tape the edge of the roll as shown.
Step 8
Tape the other side as shown in the same manner.
Step 9
Your rolled up layer should look like this.
Step 10
Use the box that was shipped to you.
Step 11
Fold the flaps down to allow for layer to slide into box easily.
Step 12
Squeez and manuever layer into the box .
Step 13
Make sure that the layer is pushed into the box so that you have room to tape the top.
Step 14
Tape the box together as well as you can making sure that it will hold during the shipping process.
Step 15
Put your return label on the top of the box, and take to your local ups hub or call your UPS hub for pickup.