Latex Mattress Replacement Components

We sell latex mattress layers and covers separately for our customers who want to build their own mattress or enhance an existing innerspring mattress. All components are the same that we use to construct our "Lifetime Dreams Select Sleep" mattresses and carry a 30 day money back guarantee (less the cost of shipping). Many of our customers have started with a mattress topper and then added additional layers of latex, plus cover, after experiencing the comfort of sleeping on an all latex mattress.

3 Inch Latex

Raw Latex Layer Replacement

$ 190.00
3 Inch Latex

Zippered Latex Mattress Cover Replacement

$ 110.00

Component Mattress

Our "Select Sleep" latex component mattress, is not a traditional latex mattress. Traditional latex mattresses take layers of latex and laminate them together to form the mattress. Our layers are held together by friction and a zippered cover. By not laminating the layers together, you get more flexibility to change the comfort on each side of your bed. You simply unzip the cover, and change the stacking order of the layers.