Comparing Latex & Visco

How does "visco-elastic compare to latex? The chart below may assist you in understanding some of the very real differences between the two products. Although we specialize in "latex" we do believe visco memory foam is a good product, with a unique feel, and proven durability. We have both memory foam and latex in our Phoenix showroom for comparison.

Materials Natural rubber ( + synthetic latex SBR in blended latex ) Polyurethane
Body conformity, support & body surface pressure Optimal body conformity through natural elasticity and homogeneous cell structure. Follows the body's natural contours. Removes areas of high pressure. Provides individual support and comfort in any sleeping position Distributes body pressure evenly avoids bed sores BUT for healthy people pressure distribution is generally not a problem and through the large contact area there is greater resistance to turning and impaired freedom of movement resulting in the sleeper waking up trying to turn.
Resilience High resilience provides quick recovery of the shape and support characteristics of the mattress core when the sleeper turns or moves during the sleep process allowing easy movement Very low resilience results in rigid body weight impressions which impair the sleeper from moving adequately
Ventilation / Sleeping climate Open, interconnected cell structure and pin core design provide excellent ventilation resulting in a dry and healthy sleeping climate.

Closed cell structure results in very limited airflow through highly compacted cells. Large contact area generates greater heat build up and reduced air flow.

Health Öko-Tex 100 Standard certified (free of harmful substances). No certification (undisclosed chemical composition)
Beneficial to Allergy sufferers Inherently hypoallergenic, bactericidal and anti-fungal, does not harbor dust mites. -

Minimal height and hardness loss due to natural resilience of raw material and cell structure Long lasting and exceptionally durable. 75 years proven track record.

12 years on the market, 5 lb density has proven durability, 4 lb second generation has proven durability, 3 lb density will break down very quickly. Being imported from China-very inferior.

Its Not Rocket Science...but it started that way

NASA and the space program invented this revolutionary temperature sensitive foam for the astronauts some thirty years ago. The original product wasn't designed to hold up over many years of use, needed in a mattress, until a Swedish company called Tempurpedic entered the picture. They took NASA's formula, adapted it in their own "secret" way, and came up with a new 5 and 6 pound density foam that was originally used in the medical field due to its pressuring releaving qualities. About 1991 they began marketing to the retail mattress consumer, which created demand for "visco elastic memory foam in the United States. The problem was the US foam manufacturers didn't have the formula and, of course, Tempurpedic wasn't about to share it with them. So the US manufacturers got a late start and had to do some "reverse engineering" by analyzing the Tempurpedic foam and NASA's original formula. Like jeopardy's the answer is, what's the question?

This started in the mid 1990's and the best they could come up with was 3 pound density memory foam that was a far cry from the feel of the Tempurpedic mattress. In addition the first generation of 3 pound visco foam began to quickly show body impressions. The second generation 4 pound visco in the late 90's solved the durability problem. We looked at the 3 and 4 pound products in the late 90's but decided not to manufacturer a visco-mattress until the right density could be acquired that would allow us to duplicate the Tempurpedic feel.

That was then. By 2001 US foam manufacturers caught up and began producing 4 lb and 5 lb (Sensus by Foamex), visco-elastic foam products. Now the two major foam manufacturers in the US, Carpenter and Foamex, are producing premium blends of memory foam in three, four and five pound densities with the same pressure relieving characteristics as Tempurpedic. Good old yankee ingenuity.

We Use Only Carpenter and Foamex Memory Foam

In 2002 we put a "visco-elastic" mattress into our lineup, after being convinced of the products durability and benefits to our customers. When your are in business for 30 years you just make sure, because your reputation is on the line.

China Imports

Now we have new entries into the foam market. China is manufacturing and importing to United States their own "blend" of memory foam and it"s starting to muddy the water. Its cheaper but inferior because it lacks durability. . National name brand mattress manufacturers won't touch the imported memory foam, and they are even moving away from using the 3 pound density because it doesn't have the "useful life" that consumers expect from their mattresses.

How does "visco memory foam compare to latex? It's a different feel, and only you as the customer can decide which you prefer. It's a great mattress and we make it affordable at a 50% savings....Sleep EZ Memory Foam Mattresses

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