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Chris - Phoenix, AZ

Simply put, our bed is wonderful. It's comfortable in a way that our top-end innerspring mattress nor any memory foam based mattress we tried could match.

Jeanette & Tom R.


Just wanted to drop a line telling you we love our bed!!!

It did take some getting used to and some adjustments. Your company was friendly and helpful and shipped us new pieces right away with no hassle. My hip pain is greatly reduced and my husband and I are both sleeping very well. Also his snoring has been greatly reduced.
We also love the pillows!

Adam Wood

I just wanted to say that I'm really impressed.

I ordered the King size latex 13000 bed, and it is really great. Shipping was very fast, and assembly didn't take long at all. Thanks for the speedy service. The bed is the most comfortable I've ever laid on. We also ordered the SmartBase, and I was thankful to see the 'optional' headboard brackets were included.

Here's to another 32 years.

Jane Godfrey

Dear Jeremy,

It's probably been a month since we received our new bed, but as our new bed frame was only recently completed, it has only been slept on since Sunday.

Only 4 nights, and I just have to tell you how much I love our new latex bed. Just a few night, but they have been WHOLE nights of uninterrupted, deep sleep. I had no idea how much rest I had been losing over an inferior mattress. The feel of the mattress is amazing, it reminds me of floating on water- allowing my body the space to settle and buoyant enough to "hold" me. Very relaxing. We bought all 4 layers and I know we made the right decision, especially for aging baby boomer bodies, it's a gift!

Thank you so much for your help and for the PILLOWS - I didn't want in the store, but when one came free with the mattress, I tried it and now it"s my best friend! It's lighter weight than my husbands - so I wouldn't know which one it was to reorder or recommend to friends (can you tell me?) - but it's perfect for me.

Thanks again,

John R. G.

To Shawn and the gang at Sleep EZ USA,

I just returned the exchange latex cores for our Sleep EZ 13000 mattress. It is now configured to the very very plush feel, just the way we hoped it would be. I can't say enough good things about your company and the high level of service AFTER the sale we received. I manage a large RV Dealership, and know from experience how hard it is to get your customers to feel how much you really care for their happiness. I congratulate Shawn on a job done extremely well and can heartily recommend to anyone that your company is a safe and competent internet business to do business with. The mattress is excellent and sleeps very well. I am 6"4" tall and weigh over 350lbs and my wife is 5"5" tall and weighs 115lbs and we both have what we wanted in one mattress that doesn't sleep like a two story, with my wife on the top floor and me on the ground floor!

Thanks again,
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