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What Is Latex?

For decades, all-latex mattresses have been recognized as a luxury,known for their superior comfort, support, and feel.

Naturally Adaptive

Hidden inside latex is the secret to its adaptability and comfort. The natural and unique cell structure of the material allows latex to be flexible and envelop your body, while still supporting your body. The structure also provides relief for primary pressure points throughout the night.

Dynamic Support

Dunlop latex provides essential support and often is firmer than Talalay latex. As a newer technology, Talalay latex provides a softer yet more consistent feel. For decades, customers have recognized that combining Dunlop base layers and a Talalay top layer provides the support most people need.

Stay Cool

The natural properties of latex layers allow air to flow naturally in the mattress. Latex whisks away moisture and regulates your temperature throughout the night, without trapping heat like traditional mattresses.