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No waiting. Our latex mattresses ship within 48 hours of order completion.

UPS Ground

  • 90% of our latex mattresses are designed to ship by UPS.
  • Free shipping on all latex mattress anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • All Alaska, Canada and Hawaii orders will ship via U.S. Post Office
  • $99 per box shipping charge for Alaska and Hawaii shipments – $149 per box shipping charge for Canadian shipments
  • Tracking numbers are emailed on day of shipment


  • Twin, full latex mattresses shipped in one or two boxes, depending on model
  • Queen and King latex mattresses shipped in three or 4 boxes depending on model.
  • Latex mattresses are compressed in plastic. Container opens and slowly takes its finished form. (Only Latex and Memory foam can be shipped and still maintain its quality.)
  • Maximum weight of any one box is 60 lbs.

Assembly Steps for Latex Mattresses

  • Should be assembled on top of your existing box spring or platform. .Unzip and lay out luxury mattress cover on the box spring or platform where mattress will reside.
  • Cut plastic containing each latex component and watch as your latex comes to life, expanding to its natural height. Layers are marked as soft, medium, firm or extra firm for stacking.
  • For all Twin, Twin-XL, Full and Queen Select Sleep models (7", 9", 10" and 13"), your firmest layer will already be placed inside your mattress cover for you. All other layers need to be stacked accordingly.
  • Kings come in two, three, or 4 layers, plus cover. Layers are stacked on one another according to your comfort preference. Layers are marked soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Always start with firm and extra firm layers on bottom, proceeding to medium, and ending up with soft layer (if selected) on top. To adjust your comfort, simply move any layer to a different position in the stacking order.
  • After stacking latex inside cover, close with the heavy duty zipper

Delivery & Set Up

  • No set up services in place at present
  • UPS delivers to door

From came the comments and pictures below. Hopefuly this will give you a better idea of product, packaging, shipping, and assembly.

Decision Made - Ordered a latex mattress

12/16/06 at 3:37pm After over a month of researching on this forum and checking out numerous mattresses on my own, I finally took my wife out to try out some of the mattresses I had been looking at for a while. I first took her to a mattress store to try out the Tempurpedic, since I wanted to make sure she could give me her opinion on it. When I told them I was also looking at 100% latex mattresses, the salesman said that no makes them. I corrected him. At another shop, she fell in love with the plush latex mattress I had been looking at. It really made a difference on her shoulders. So I came home and ordered a SleepEZ 10000. Hopefuly it feels similar to what we tried. If not, it is easy enough to change out layers. I really like the kit concept for many reasons. Now we have to wait for it to arrive. Hopefuly my mattress quest is over

Re: Decision Made - Ordered a latex mattress
Reply #1
- 12/16/06 at 3:51 pm MVP,

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your mattress purchase.What did you order for layers?What latex did you opt for?

Let us know how you like it once it arrives.I am liking my SleepEZ mattress more & more everyday.

Re: Decision Made - Ordered a latex mattress
Reply #2
- 12/16/06 at 5:21pm Jeff,

We did the standard soft, medium and firm. Since we really like the plush feel of latex, I think it should be fine. If not, it is easy to correct with a kit. I originally was going to get the 13000 so I could get the extra firm also to cover all the bases, but that would make it really difficult for sheets. Our current mattress is 12" and the deep pockets couldn't handle an extra inch. Now that I have ordered it, I know that I will really hate my current mattress until we get the new one.

Re: Decision Made - Ordered a latex mattress
Reply #3
- 12/28/06 at 8:57pm

After a lot of research on this forum and checking out mattresses at numerous retailers in our area in South Florida, I decided to order a SleepEZ 10000 in the standard Soft, Medium and Firm configuration. The main factors in my selection were price, excellent reviews on the product and numerous glowing reviews on the service level of SleepEZ. During the decision making process I was focusing a lot on the return policies of the various on-line vendors, since I thought that I might not like latex, although unlikely. Flobeds had the best return policy, but their initial mattress cost was quite a bit higher. I finally decided to go with the sure savings rather than possible savings if I had to return it.

When I called Shawn to order the mattress on a Saturday after my wife told me she loved the feel of the latex mattress at our local City Mattress store. He told me that it should ship out in 3 days; and sure enough I got my tracking numbers on Wednesday afternoon. Due to the Christmas Holiday, FedEx said it would take 7 days to get to our house. Sure enough it arrived right on time. Unfortunately I had to wait all day till I came home from work to finally see what a latex kit looks and feels like.

When I walked in the house, I saw the three 15" X 15" X 36" boxes waiting for me. From what I had read on this forum, I was expecting a major challenge to get the wrappings off of the latex. It turned out to be easier than getting the staples out of the boxes. SleepEZ really packs these babies securely. After a box is opened there appears to be a cocoon of plastic wrap sitting in it. When you tip the box over and let the cocoon fall onto the floor, it kind of springs back like a rubber ball. I guess that makes sense.

Cutting the plastic tape on the outer clear wrapping was pretty quick. I then sliced the wrapping to get to the latex with a black garbage bag looking material on it. As soon as it was free of the outer wrapping, the latex expanded with an air sucking sound. It looked like a big sandwich with a black wrapping on it. The black wrapping came off easily to reveal the latex layer. The first box I opened said that the mattress cover was in it. Sure enough sandwiched between the folded over latex was the cover with three zippered sides.

My wife helped me lay it out on our existing foundation. With the way our bed sits, it was easier to leave the cover flap at the foot of the bed rather than the head. This wasn't a big deal, but it meant that the SleepEZ label could not be seen. We put down the firm layer. It was a challenge to move it to the proper position, because we hadn't gotten the knack of moving the latex around. As others had said, it didn't seem like there was any way that three pieces would fit in the cover. I kept reassuring my wife that everyone felt this way when they start the assembly process. I was crossing my fingers hoping I was right. It didn't look big enough. But I had faith. When we put down the medium layer, it got into position much easier. Probably because it just needed to match up to the bottom layer; and we had figured how to shake the latex to move it. The final soft layer was a piece of cake to put on top. We then saw that it would take a little stuffing to get the zipper closed, but much less of a hassle than we had expected. The zipping process went very fast. The total assembly took about 40 minutes. It took longer because I was taking a lot of pictures. I will post them at a later date. I was quite pleased with the quality of the cover and the exact sizes the layers were cut into.

At last I was able to lay on my new mattress. I was thinking it might be too soft, but was surprised that it felt a bit firmer than I expected. It does feel quite nice. I am anxious to see what it feels like with sheet on it and after everything settles in. The true test will be to see how my wife sleeps tonight. I will report back. So far I feel very good about my latex mattress purchase.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Saturday. I can't wait to sleep in on my wonderful new mattress. Other than getting up for a bathroom visit, my wife sleptt the whole night. That is just marvelous. My concern about the mattress being firmer than I expected, was not an issue at all. It seemed like it got softer during the night. Kind of like what BeddyBye had experienced. But the softness was quite nice and supportive. I didn't sleep all night due to some non-mattress related things, so I got to feel how wonderful the mattress felt and how it supported every area of my body after I had been in it for a few hours. I really like it. I will post more pictures of the assembly process later.

Re: Decision Made - Ordered a latex mattress
Reply #6
- 12/28/06 at 11:02pm

I haven't posted any pics on this forum, so I am testing to see if this one will show up OK.

mattress boxes
It is the 3 cartons the mattress came in.
mattress cocoons
This is the cocoons that the latex layers and mattress cover are packed in.
opened mattress cocoons
This is the laytex layer after it has popped out of the silver plastic cover.
opened mattress layer
This is the soft layer with the mattress cover in the middle.
sleepez label
The SleepEZ label on the empty cover
mattress cover on bed
The mattress cover laid out on the platform
mattress cover on bed far
first layer in place
The 1st layer is put in place. This is a firm layer.
first layer in place
Another look at the 2nd layer. You can see how much room is left in the cover for the top layer.
top soft layer
The 3rd and final layer is put in place. This is a soft layer.
top layer other view
Another view of the top layer.
cover on top
The cover is thrown over to position for zippering
finished product
The finished product
completed mattress assembly